Working Together to Provide Food for Those in Need

At BHN, we are greatly appreciative and proud of our entire workforce for delivering critical services during difficult times, adapting to each new challenge presented by COVID-19. In this series, we will highlight and thank staff who have persevered through these unprecedented times - going above and beyond to support coworkers and those we serve.

Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) is a Department of Mental Health program that helps people recover by providing clinical and rehabilitative interventions. Many local organizations that people in this program rely on for food temporarily closed to protect their volunteers and staff as uncertainties of COVID-19 increased. While this was an unsettling time - especially with the cost of food rising and more members of the community in need of resources - it was also a time for solidarity.

Thank you to BHN’s ACCS team who worked tirelessly to make sure food was accessible, coordinating and making last-minute deliveries possible. The whole team including program directors, clinicians, prescribers, outreach and peer specialists ensured individuals and families received support and knew when and where food was available.

Thank you to the organizations and businesses who helped out and continue to work collaboratively to develop new, safe food distribution programs to serve our local communities amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Special thanks to the Westfield Food Pantry for being a tremendous support, everyone at Rachel’s Table Springfield, the team at Forum House, The North Elm Butcher Block, and Arnold’s Meats. 

BHN has partnered with Rachels Table and OneDeeds to offer an easy way to supply products directly to the BHN ACCS food pantry.

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