A Labor of Love


At BHN, we are greatly appreciative and proud of our entire workforce for delivering critical services during difficult times, adapting to each new challenge presented by COVID-19. In this series, we will highlight and thank staff who have persevered through these unprecedented times - going above and beyond to support coworkers and those we serve.

Joy is a Crisis Clinician at BHN, working the overnight shift. When it first became a requirement for staff to wear masks, a limited amount were available. Joy and her coworkers were on the front line, assigned to hospital emergency rooms with nurses, technicians and doctors who were all sharing air space.

“I have always enjoyed creative projects and saw this as an opportunity to use my skills to help,” Joy said. She started by making and distributing 58 masks to staff, encouraging them to keep one and share one with someone else in need. HR reached out to thank Joy for her generous donation and informed her that many programs were still requesting masks.

Over the past few months, Joy has made and donated over 650 ‘no sew masks,’ to support BHN staff and individuals served. “I plan to continue making masks - it has been a great escape from the heaviness of this year. I was inspired to make the best out of a difficult situation and I’m happy I was able to find a way to help,” Joy said.

BHN would like to thank Joy for the incredible amount of time, effort and love she put into making masks that continue to keep staff and those we serve safe!