Staff Team Up to Distribute PPE

At BHN, we are greatly appreciative and proud of our entire workforce for delivering critical services during difficult times, adapting to each new challenge presented by COVID-19. In this series, we will highlight and thank staff who have persevered through these unprecedented times - going above and beyond to support coworkers and those we serve.

BHN's HR Team

BHN would like to acknowledge our HR Department and Respirator Qualification Team volunteers for taking on additional roles during the COVID-19 pandemic – personal protective equipment (PPE) central distribution! In addition to their regular duties, staff has been resourceful and efficient in obtaining and distributing regular orders of PPE, including gallons of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and N95 respirators to support our workforce of 2,000+, along with those served in our programs.

N95 respirators were especially difficult to stock and supply to staff at the onset of COVID-19. Fortunately, HR had the foresight to obtain them - but prior to distribution medical evaluations, fit testing, and training for over 200 staff members was required. In the interest of supplying employees with respirators as quickly as possible, HR reached out to staff RN’s to voluntarily join the Respirator Qualification Team.

N95 Fit Test

“Hiring a third party would have been expensive and time consuming - this group of volunteers is truly incredible, said BHN Safety Manager, Gordon Brookes. “The Respirator Qualification Team enabled us to efficiently qualify employees who needed N95’s and provide them with a one-stop-shop. This included evaluation of medical questionnaires, conducting fit testing, and providing necessary training - in many cases all in one sitting,” Gordon explained.

Thank you to BHN's HR department and Respirator Qualification Team volunteers for stepping up to ensure all employees have the proper protection to perform their job safely during such a challenging and uncertain time. Special thanks to Hannah for creating a tracking system for N95 qualified employees that will continue to be used to assure ongoing OSHA compliance, and to Erin who worked tirelessly to execute a significant portion of the qualifications.