Telling Our Stories: Fabiola

Staff Supervisor, Central Intake

My journey at BHN all started one Saturday in June of 2019 when I applied for a position, and that same day they wrote to me for an interview. I was excited and eager to know what would happen! In less than two weeks I had two interviews and was accepted as a Program Assistant for the CCBHC grant. I was nervous since English is not my first language and was afraid they would not give me the opportunity. However, I can tell you that it was the opposite - I surprised myself, I learned and I am very grateful. I had the joy of meeting incredible people who helped me progress at the organization. I spent all of my time learning about BHN's systems, reports, resources, programs and going the extra mile.

In January 2020 I became an Access Navigator for the program. I loved what I was doing, and seeing different clients daily through Open Access filled me with satisfaction, knowing that just by giving a client a resource, they were grateful. I was proud to know that I helped put a grain of hope in a family.
The arrival of the Covid-19 virus changed the workflow for many of us. For me, it was a time of improvement and learning. I was able to be part of the Access Project, which provides improved access to BHN services for both clients and providers. This project was challenging since we were all working from home, but it was an unforgettable experience. During this time, I also focused on finishing my Master's degree in Human Resources, pursuing my goal of continuing to improve myself and grow professionally. 

I am a person who always has in mind the word progress and was looking for something different after completing my Master's degree. In August 2020, I applied for the position of Supervisor for the Intake Department. And you know what? I was promoted from Access Navigator to Supervisor of the Intake Department! BHN allowed me to put into practice what I learned!

I thank BHN and my supervisors for believing in me. I have had the opportunity to do awesome things for the Intake Department including creating workflows, Smartsheets, providing support to my team, and participating in the Access Project. We will continue to grow and improve Central Intake with our dedication and teamwork!