BHN Offers COVID-19 Support Services

The BHN Trauma Response Team is now offering COVID-19 support services to assist communities and organizations coping with the emotional and psychological impact of the public health crisis.

The BHN Trauma Response Team is an affiliate of Riverside Community Care’s statewide trauma response network, which has been providing trauma-related services to the Boston area since 1990. BHN is contracted to provide this specialty service to Western MA communities.

Services provided to local communities, schools, government agencies, workplaces, healthcare, and human service providers include:

  • Immediate needs assessment to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the group
  • Consultation to group leadership on approaches to support their workforce or community
  • Education and training on coping and self-care in times of stress and crisis
  • Intervention through group and individual meetings with those directly and indirectly involved
  • Referral to resources in the community for those in need of more intensive assistance
  • Follow-up and further needs assessment

The BHN Trauma Response Team utilizes Psychological First Aid and Post Traumatic Stress Management when responding to a traumatic event. This approach provides:

  • Orientation sessions
  • Stabilization groups   
  • Coping Groups
  • Individual and Dyadic Sessions

The group focus is on building a sense of safety, promoting the resiliency of group members and their community, and identifying and planning for the utilization of resources that support adaptive coping.

For more information contact BHN Crisis Services at (413) 733-6661 or and request referral to the BHN Trauma Response Team.​​​​​

COVID Support Services Flyer - Spanish
COVID-19 Support Services Flyer - English