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kampkids.pngHello Kamp for Kids friends and families,

Thank you for your continued support of the Kamp for Kids Virtual Activity page. As many of you know, Kamp is fun and active during the summer with birds and bugs, sunshine, and laughing people engaging in creative and playful activities. During the autumn, usually, things are quieter. But this year we are having some construction done and the noise and activity continue. However, the camp site is still beautiful and the work will be complete before the summer of 2021.

Kamp for Kids is pleased to announce that we will periodically provide updates and new activities through the virtual Kamp for Kids website. We will continue to mail printed materials to families who request them. While the site will remain open to the public, if you wish to continue to receive email notifications of new content, please reply to anne.benoit@bhninc.org or register below.

Virtual Kamp Registration

We hope you all have enjoyed the summer months and the coming year brings health, wellness, and peace to us all. Thank you for joining us on this new virtual adventure and please feel free to contact me via email with ideas or comments. 

Wishing you a safe and healthy Autumn,

Anne Benoit
Director, Kamp for Kids

Fall at Russel Rd.

Fall at Kamp!

Under construction...