Those We Serve: Adam

For years, recovering from his substance use disorder seemed like an impossible dream for Adam. He had used alcohol and crack cocaine for over a decade, and though he had participated in several addiction recovery programs in an effort to end his substance use, he relapsed after each one. However, during his time at BHN’s Northern Hope Center nine months ago, Adam says he achieved a “moment of clarity” that finally gave him the motivation he needed to take control of his substance use.

At the Northern Hope Center, Adam took part in an intensive 30-day recovery program that included individual and group counseling and medication to help with his substance withdrawal. In past recovery programs, Adam says, he had been afraid to admit to himself that he had an addiction and put little personal effort into his recovery. However, his stay at Northern Hope was different. During his time there, Adam came to terms with the negative impact his substance use was having on his own life and the lives of those he cared about. His life revolved around his desperation for a high, which caused him to become estranged from his parents and weakened his relationship with his girlfriend.

“At the center, they had a quote on the window that said, “Why can’t we give up one thing for everything, but we can always give up everything for one thing?’” Adam said. “That really resonated with me, because, before coming here, I was willing to throw my life and my family away like they were garbage just to get drugs.”

His realization of the destructive effects of his substance use gave him the motivation and determination that he needed to successfully complete the recovery program at Northern Hope. “Since the day I came to Northern Hope, the thought of drinking or using drugs hasn’t crossed my mind,” Adam said. Immediately following his stay at the center, Adam checked himself into a recovery home to continue his addiction rehabilitation. Since leaving the home a few months ago, Adam’s life has completely transformed, and he now works full-time and has rebuilt his relationship with his girlfriend. He is also taking part in BHN’s Adult Court Clinic program, which has helped to prevent him from relapsing by requiring him to attend therapy groups and undergo drug testing.

A large part of Adam’s continued recovery has also involved him sharing his story with others who are struggling with substance use disorders. “My sobriety depends on helping others,” Adam said. “They say you can’t keep what you’ve learned without giving it away, and it’s true.” In the past several months, Adam has spoken to groups at Northern Hope and at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with the hope that he can change someone’s life in the way that his stay at Northern Hope changed his.

“It wasn’t that long ago that I was sitting in the chairs at Northern Hope,” Adam said. “And I hope that to hear someone come in and share how their life has changed can be really inspiring to others.”

Though Adam owes a large part of his successful recovery to his own determination and his perseverance through the difficulties of his rehabilitation, he is immensely grateful to Northern Hope and its staff, who provided him with unwavering support throughout his stay at the center. Their compassion and genuine desire to help individuals in their recovery saved his life, Adam says, and without their assistance, he may have easily given up on his dream of achieving recovery.

“I would recommend Northern Hope to anyone who is tired of running the streets and burning their life to the ground,” Adam said. “The staff bend over backwards to help you, even though you’re a complete stranger, and treat everyone with respect. And when they see you willing to help yourself, they help you even more to stay motivated in your recovery. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Northern Hope.”