Telling Our Stories: Diany


My name is Diany and I am a Bilingual Care Coordinator in the Integration Department. Prior to working at BHN I was a home health aide and I loved my job! I had a client who was severely disabled and had many mental health problems. While I was her aide, I was also playing the role of her care coordinator.

I was referred to my current position by a personal acquaintance who worked for BHN and told me about the job and opportunities within the organization. I was happy to be able to help more people than I was at the time and didn’t have any reason not to apply!

My day-to-day job as a Care Coordinator involves building relationships with members on my caseload. Relationships are important because you cannot help if you don’t know them well and what their needs are. I routinely review each member’s annual assessment and follow up with their care needs to ensure they are met. Be it with home care services, durable medical equipment (like briefs, bed pads, walkers, etc.), or even physical therapy.
I like to see myself as the middleman that keeps the member happy and makes their life easier. There are some hard instances where they may be upset at something not involving you, and being that middleman, you get the short end of the stick. As a Care Coordinator, you learn not to take these things to heart. We roll with the punches and keep uplifting our members!
The most fulfilling part of being a care coordinator is seeing my members in a place of comfort and happiness after receiving services. Most of these people have been failed by the system in one way or another. When you work hard for them and show them that you’re here to help them do the work, the outcome, and their gratitude is very rewarding!
I would not enjoy my job half as much as I do without my team. We are always there to help each other and we lift each other up daily. Shout out to all the amazing care coordinators who work alongside me (and our nurse care manager!). I appreciate you all!
In the future, I aspire to be a supervisor. I want to teach other care coordinators what I’ve learned. I want to be their support as well as the member’s support. I aspire to be like my own supervisor who is always there to listen when we have hardships but doesn’t let us bask in those difficulties for too long. It’s always a lesson learned as well as how we can do better moving forward.

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