The Living Room

A peer support program of Behavioral Health Network, Inc.


The Living Room (TLR), as its name suggests, is a warm, home-like place where anyone, 18 years or older, can go to regroup and get help. People in a developing crisis, a current crisis, or post-crisis situation find help from others who have had similar experiences and who can provide support, encouragement, and guidance. We build on the inherent strengths and intuition of our guests in order to support them on their unique journey to recovery. TLR provides an appealing alternative to the Emergency Room by promoting a warm and more natural environment that is focused on the individual guest and is stigma-free.

Guests gain strength by fully participating in The Living Room setting and working towards their identified hopes for each visit.  In the spirit of self-reliance, guests meet their own needs whenever possible. This may include preparing their own food from our kitchenette and managing their own medications. Guests will be invited to participate in community meals, groups, games, art activities, music, television time, rest, or individualized time with peer staff; however, none of these activities are mandatory or set to specific schedules. Participation is always voluntary and based on each guest’s abilities at the time they are visiting. 

  • TLR staff is trained and credentialed.
  • Trained peer staff is of great value to each guest, as staff offers an intimate understanding of the needs and emotions guests bring with them.
  • TLR is not a residence or intended to function as a shelter when the primary concern is lack of housing.
  • Length of stay is determined on an individual basis but does not exceed 48 hours.
  • TLR has daybeds for guests who would like to rest or sleep, however does not have private bedrooms or shower facilities.

Potential guests are encouraged to contact TLR directly to speak with staff. No referral, insurance, payment, or provider involvement is required. Please call (413) 310-3312 for information.