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Multicultural Psychology Internship Program (MPIP)
Multicultural Psychology Internship Program (MPIP)

This APA and APPIC accredited internship is full-time (40 hours) for one year (52 weeks) for a total of 2,000 hours. The stipend is $31,200 for the year. Applicants need to have earned a master’s degree and have completed at least three years of doctoral coursework in a Psy.D. or Ph.D. program in Clinical or Counseling Psychology to be eligible and must be bi-lingual (English-Spanish).

The multicultural doctoral internship in professional psychology is offered at the School Street Counseling Institute (SSCI), a community mental health clinic in Springfield, MA. SSCI provides outpatient community mental health services to Latino/a children, families with a wide variety of mental health and substance use issues. SSCI staff includes professional psychologists, clinicians, school counselors and medication providers who offer linguistically and culturally-competent services in English and Spanish.

The Multicultural Psychology Internship Program also offers a 6-month rotation in Medical Integration.

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For more information, contact Susan Quigley, Psy.D., BHN Psychology Training Director at

TThe Multicultural Psychology Internship Program is accredited by APA and is a member of APPIC.

Questions related to the program’s accredited status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 2002
Phone: (202) 336-5979 Email:


Bachelor's and Master's Degree Candidates
Bachelor's and Master's Degree Candidates

BHN offers a variety of internship opportunities under multiple programs! We have openings for students to perform observation, residency placement, experiential learning opportunities, Bachelor’s level interns, Master’s level interns, post-graduate degrees, and specialized licensure paths.

Our internships provide placements within Medical Integration, Crisis & Emergency Services, Outpatient, Substance use Disorders, Corporate/Quality, Children’s programs, community & hospital based programs, Forensic services and more!

BHN has a competitive placement process of application and evaluation for placement in internships. Not all applicants are selected for placement so please note the deadlines below.

Now accepting Winter and Spring placements.Spots are limited for Bachelors and 1st year students at this time. 2nd year Masters in Psychology, Social Work and other mental health related fields are encouraged to apply!

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Any questions, please feel free to reach out

Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates may gain clinical skills and experience at BHN during practicums, internships and Baystate Medical Center residencies. On occasion, BHN also provides opportunities for individual students conducting research to gather data via BHN programs.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Candidates
Behavioral Health Network, Inc (BHN) can help you explore and match your interests and supervision needs with available BHN programs that offer practicums or internships. BHN offers Bachelor level, and first and second year Master’s level internships in the areas of addiction services, community outreach, psychiatric crisis services, early intervention, youth and family services and more. Our commitment to training the next generation of providers is broad and deep.  For more information or to apply, contact Stephanie Parnin by phone at

Programs offering Internships:


Adult Community Crisis Stabilization and Respite: The BHN CCS/Respite program is a short-term intervention offered to individuals who can voluntarily participate in their recovery process. BHN offers a short-term (3-5 days) out-of-home placement to stabilize individuals in an emerging crisis situation. The program offers a home-like, safe, and supervised environment for psychiatric crisis, hospital step-down, medication evaluation and service coordination. CCS is a voluntary, unlocked, community-based treatment program. Our services are strength-based and “person centered”. We use a recovery model to offer support to our population. Interventions include: individual treatment planning, individual and group counseling, nursing assessment and medication management, psychiatric evaluation and stabilization, referral and aftercare planning.

Agawam Counseling Center: Individual, family and group outpatient therapy.

Carson Center for Children and Youth: The Carson Center helps people achieve greater health and well-being in everyday life.  Experienced crisis clinicians provide temporary and face to face support, consultation and evaluation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They bring compassionate expertise to behavioral health, wellness, and education services for children.

Center for Development (Springfield and Westfield): We provide outpatient clinical services to people with developmental disabilities as well as support and consultation to their teams.  This involves individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and case consultation in a variety of settings.

Center for Traumatic Brain Injury Services: The Center for Traumatic Brain Injury provides Case Management in an outreach model to individuals in home and community, support to access community resources and other providers.  Center based groups three days per week in an intentional learning support community working on psychosocial skills and developing a greater appreciation of the consequences of brain injury and adjustments strategies.

Child Guidance Clinic: The Child Guidance Clinic Outpatient program at BHN provides comprehensive mental health, educational, developmental, behavioral, and consultative services to children, adolescents, and their families in Springfield, MA and the surrounding communities. Our multidisciplinary staff offers a variety of culturally competent programs in our clinic, at numerous community sites, and in homes.

City Clinic: Outpatient/inpatient family and group therapy

Crisis Services: BHN’s Crisis Program provides 24/7 front line response to individuals of all ages who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, regardless of insurance. BHN provides services on a mobile basis, including home and community-based settings or in an emergency department when needed.

Crisis Stabilization: The Crisis Stabilization Unit is a safe, supervised, 15-bed environment combining Department of Mental Health and Crisis beds. Individuals served at CSU are provided a range of services including medical evaluations, groups, and one-on-one meetings, among other services.

Integration (Care Management merged with Primary Behavioral Heath + Care Partners):  It’s a Whole Health Care Management Program that provides a team based, comprehensive medical and behavioral care management services for children, youth and adults. The programs serve individuals with physical health/chronic disease needs, behavioral health needs and complex, co-morbid physical and behavioral health needs.  The teams are integrated with primary care staff in community and health centers.

In Home Therapy: In-Home Therapy works with families with a child or teen with behavioral issues to help to resolve conflicts, develop new routines, set limits and find community resources. We offer intensive and flexible services such as family therapy, therapeutic training and support, care coordination and others, in any setting where the youth is naturally located to meet the needs of families.

Liberty Street Clinic (Outpatient):  The Liberty Street Clinic at Behavioral Health Network offers mental health and substance abuse outpatient treatment to adults using individual, group, and family/couple modalities. At the Liberty Street Clinic, we aim to help people achieve and maintain optimal real world functioning and assistance in pursuing life goals and improving interpersonal relationships.

Mt. Tom Clinic: Mount Tom Center for Mental Health and recovery is a community-based outpatient mental health and substance abuse program providing on-site and outreach services in the following areas: child and adolescent, adult (general referrals and program based), developmentally delayed/mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis (SA/MH).

Primary Care Behavioral Health (Child Guidance Clinic in Springfield): The Child Guidance Clinic Outpatient program at BHN provides comprehensive mental health, educational, developmental, behavioral, and consultative services to children, adolescents, and their families in Springfield, MA and the surrounding communities. Our multidisciplinary staff offers a variety of culturally competent programs in our clinic, at numerous community sites, and in homes.  Primary care of behavioral health.

Primary Care Behavioral Health (Holyoke Health Center in Holyoke): A part of BHN’s Integration program, Primary Care Behavioral Health has the goal of integrating behavioral health services to improve the health outcomes of the individuals we serve. PCBH provides targeted, flexible behavioral health support in the primary care setting through treatment that is person-centered, evidence-informed, and focused on collaborate goal-setting.

Urban Youth Collaborative Program and Kamp for Kids: UYC Program places young people in Human Service Internships to help them gain working experience.  Kamp for Kids is a fully inclusive day camp for children 3 to 22 of all ability levels.


Quality: Analysis of workflow and data requirements

DPD: Training, development and implementation

Human Rights: Trainings and investigations

Integration (Care Management merged with Primary Behavioral Health + Care Partners/ACO): Intern with some beginning skills and interest in doing marketing, gathering and processing data, and providing organization- work on manuals development, etc.  The intern will work with the Senior Program Manager to complete the tasks.